Contoh Artikel Jurnal Need Assesment SDM Ekonomi Islam

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 Contoh Artikel Jurnal Need Assesment  SDM Ekonomi Islam
 Islam economically provides its great expositions on the quality of human resource. Islam stimulates the human being to be progressive and successful on the whole BTQFDUTPGUIFJSMJGF JODMVEJOHJOUIFFDPOPNJDPOFTDzFTVDDFTTJOUIJTXPSMEBTXFMM as the next world is one of its progressive economic prescriptions. But becouse of the great extant economic underdeveopment over the Muslim world or areas nowadays, BTJGJUJTGPSHPUUFODzJTQBQFS UIVT SFQSFTFOUTUIFUSFBUNFOUPGUIF*TMBNJDUFBDIJOH .FTQFDJBMMZPOUIFFOQPXFSNFOUPGIVNBOSFTPVSDFJOUFSNTPGUIFFDPOPNJDmFMETBOE of how to accomplish the economic underdevelopment problems in the perspective of TMBNDzFSFBSFBMPUPGWFSTFTPGUIF)PMZ,PSBO UIF1SPQIFUJD5SBEJUJPOT BOEIJT great companions to assert it. In a fact, human being is one of the driving factors of economic development. In a fact, Islam historically overcome the problems based on the comprehensive ways involving both a system and an individual, or the voluntary method, the compulsory method, and the method of the state‚Äôs responsibility. In the context of the contemporary islamic economics, the pioner human resources are indispensable to achieve.

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